Minivac ® offer three models of hand vacuum pump models. Specification shown in the table below:

Model Number Description Weight Vol.Per Stroke Max Vacuum
MPS/06 Minivac Vacuum Pump 82g 19CC
1.15 cu. in.
- 25 in. Hg
85 kpa
- 0.8 Bar
MPG/08 Minivac Vacuum Pump W/Gauge 127g
MPL/07 Minivac Vacuum Pump W/Limiter 87g Set By Limiter

Minivac ® is made to ISO 9002 standards
CE marked
Registered with the medical devices agency
All Minivac pump vacuum ports fit standard 1/4" (6.4mm) I/D Tubing
Standard colours available are black and white
Other colours available by special order subject to minimum order quantity